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Past Life Regression

A regression can bring you new understandings of lifelong physical or emotional struggles, insights into challenging relationships, the opportunity to offer and receive forgiveness, and the ability to move forward from old patterns towards balance and health!


A Past Life Regression includes: 

  • 90 minute session
  • audio recording of your regression
  • Follow-up phone consultation 1 week later upon request


What do you mean by “Past Life”?

Here is what I have come to understand through my work. We have one beautiful and undying soul of Divine origin. We are all moving towards the goal of unconditional love. There are many lessons to learn before we can achieve this goal which may take many physical lifetimes of spiritual growth.


Our subconscious mind can remember all of our experiences in this lifetime, every face we’ve seen in a crowd etc. However, we don’t need all of this information, so it is stored away in the background. Our subconscious doesn’t differentiate from this soul’s incarnation or a past one. Through the process of Past Life Regression, you are gently led into a relaxed state where you are able to access the subconscious and remember your past lives in detail.


How can a Past Life Regression help me?

Remembering a past life can give you answers to physical, emotional, or relationship challenges that you are experiencing. It is a method of collecting useful information. By finding the background to a situation, seeing behaviour patterns, and seeing some people in your life today who’ve come from your past, you are able to understand yourself better and to make healthy choices in your current life. Past Life Regression presents you the opportunity to offer and receive forgiveness, in doing so, find more peace in your life.


What is involved in a Past Life Regression?

We begin with a brief consultation where you can discuss what it is in your life that you are wanting to resolve.

Next, you lay down and I will lead you through a 15 minute relaxation guided meditation. This is done in a way which gently directs your conscious mind to get into a sleepy state, while the subconscious remains wide awake.  Once you enter the state of relaxation that is needed, I will ask you specific questions asking you first to recall some childhood memories, and next to recall a past life. 

You are completely aware and in control of everything that you are saying, not ever needing to share anything that you don’t want to & you are able to stop the process at any time.


What about pets?

Animals are great teachers of love and service. 

It is my firm belief that they do have souls and do reincarnate. 

It is not uncommon for a pet to greet a loved one who has died. 

I have experienced pets returning to us in multiple lives.