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Emotion Code/Body Code™

  • Targets specific emotions & events
  • Fast, simple and powerful 

Everyone has emotional baggage!  The goal of The Emotion Code™& its newer incarnation, The Body Code, is to remove emotional baggage and energetic blocks from our past which is presently causing emotional and physical imbalances.


Like everything in the Universe, emotions are made up of energy. We have all felt other peoples' emotional energy when walking into a room where people have been fighting; you can feel it, heavy, dense, and uncomfortable!


Usually we experience a negative emotion, feel it, and let it go. But there are times when that heavy emotional vibration gets physically trapped in our body. Like a rock in a river, your body's energy now must go around the negative emotion instead of flowing seamlessly. When this occurs, it means that you are out of balance.


We use muscle testing to find the exact emotion that is trapped. When the trapped emotion is called out by name, it rises to the surface of the body (where it can actually be felt energetically!) and can then be removed.