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Angels, Spirit Guides, Channeling, Oracle Cards, Ho'oponopono


When I first began my journey into Energy work, to be honest, I wasn't really sure that I believed in Angels, and I certainly didn't have a clear idea of what they were...that is until they started showing up! One day, as I was working, angels appeared to me and began delivering messages. I am both honoured and humbled to have been seeing them, and receiving their messages ever since that day.


Angels are non-denominational - they are not owned by any religion. They appear in all cultures, across all time. They are beings made of pure energy, and are pure love. Angels are the messengers that help us connect with our highest good.


Angels are always present in our sessions, offering safety, love, and delivering messages for you.

Spirit Guides:

Spirit Guides are exactly what their name suggests. They are people who care about our well being, most often with whom we have either shared past lives with, we knew in this life but who had died, or are our ancestors. Spirit Guides are not in a physical body for this life time, instead they are available to offer guidance to us.

I am a Deborah King Certified Spirit Guide Coach & have studied as a Spirit Guide Channel.


Channeling is a way for you to hear the words of your Angels & Spirit Guides directly. As a Channel, when an Angel or Guide appears they often ask me to "step aside" and speak through me, with their words, allowing you to ask questions directly to them. I believe that I was born as an Angelic Channel, and have studied to become a Spirit Guide Channel as well. This is a beautiful experience in a session!

Oracle Cards:

I read Oracle & Angel Tarot Cards as it is the Angelic channel that I am tuned into, regularly seeing Angels & receiving angelic messages during Card Reading & Energy Balancing sessions. Oracle cards have only loving and gentle words and pictures, while still being direct in their messages. 

Readings are a snap shot of where you are now. They can help you to clarify the root of a situation and focus on your goals so that through your free will you can fully awaken into your life.


The goal of a Card Reading is to give us additional information that we may be missing so that we can take action to put ourselves on the path that we want to be on!


Healing and Forgivness Tool

Ho’o = “to be” pono = “clean, right, at peace”


"Ho'oponopono has had a significant impact on my own life and I personally use it on a daily basis." ~ Selena


In 1980 an indigenous Hawaiian healer presented to the world a modern incarnation of the ancient healing practice of Ho’oponopono. She asked that it be taught, shared, and practiced.

This is an incredibly simple and yet powerful technique that can be applied into daily life to bring healing, forgiveness and peace to yourself and others.