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Learn Ho'oponopono, Healing & Forgiveness Tool

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Healing & Forgivness Tool

Ho’o = “to be” pono = “clean, right, at peace”


"Ho'oponopono has had a significant impact on my own life and I personally use it on a daily basis." ~ Selena


In 1980 an indiginous Ha'waiian healer presented to the world a modern incarnation of the ancient healing practice of Ho’oponopono. She asked that it be taught, shared, and practiced.

This is an incredibly simple and yet powerful technique that can be applied into daily life to bring healing, forgiveness and peace to yourself and others.


In this workshop we will learn the history of the modern incarnation of Ho’oponopono, how and why it works, and two different methods of applying it.


1 hour 45 min •Online Workshop • pdf downloads

You will get a ZIP (543MB) file