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Chakras! How to heal with them & discover your dominant chakra

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Chakras are incredibly important energy centres in our body. Clearing and balancing them are essential to your physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Also, like being right handed or left handed, we each have a dominant chakra. Learning to identify ours can make a world of difference in understanding how and why we experience the world the way we do.


In this 2.5 hour workshop you will learn how to identify and to make the connection between your ailments and the message of the coordinating chakra. You will learn to identify your dominant chakra to help give you a clear and empowered way to navigate your situations and the people around you.


We will also learn different ways to clear our chakras, bringing you balance and clarity. 

Includes 2.5 hour video & pdf downloads

You will get a ZIP (852MB) file